“Get called for an unconscious drunk at a bar. Get her out to the ambulance, she shouts ‘I’M HAVING A SEIZURE’ and starts waving her arms around. I tell her ‘people who have seizures generally don’t announce it first.’ Her response? ‘You’re being very judgmental, I was getting ready in case I had a seizure.'”


People loosen the reigns during the holidays, which often leads to drunk driving. The worst holiday for drunk driving is the Fourth of July. In 2013, Independence Day drunk driving was involved in over 500 deaths. But the Christmas/New Year’s season is extremely dangerous as well. It is estimated that DUI-related traffic stops increase by around

Cruel Canadian Cops Threaten Holiday Season Drunk Drivers With Nickleback


  Obama’s report card: He wasn’t the radical maniac many feared, but he also wasn’t the savior many hoped for. There was no radical change, only more of the same (the same being the things the liberals detested). He borrowed TONS of money that our children (I don’t have any, but many do), and grandchildren,


There are so many holiday activities one can enjoy in December, but if you ask me, wrapping presents is not one of them. Ice skating, sledding, seeing “Rogue One” and then immediately sneaking into the next theater to watch “Office Christmas Party” — these things are all a thousand times more fun than the mundane task

Friends Get Drunk And Try To Wrap Absurd Holiday Gifts

Girl Drunk Red Lipstick

Some drunken bloopers are more embarrassing than others, and it’s likely you’ve made every one on this list, unless you live on the prairie. It’s always embarrassing to have to explain why you fell asleep in your living room with your pants around your ankles, but now you have a perfectly legitimate and medical reason for your

This Is The Drunk Mistake You’ll End Up Making, Based On Your Zodiac Sign