Jägermeister T-Shirt Shwag Hell

If you ask me, you can never go wrong with Jägermeister T-shirt or any other form of [supreme kwid=29 kw=”jager clothing” url=”http://jaygermeister.net/” cpfl=true] every once in a while I like to go and trawl all of the local vintage stores but I can't see the point in dropping $60 on something they were giving away for free at a bar just the week before.

Even so, Amazon does have an excellent selection of s canhwag that I would most definitely Rock when I went out to the bars…


But I mean seriously, don't you think the guy could've come up with marketing message more clever then stuff that I've already heard in a David Atell comedy skit??

Something makes me think that some of these T-shirts are not officially licensed by the great Jägermeister Company and if I am going to be giving them my money it's going to before my liver replacement!

If you want some seriously funny T-shirts I highly recommend you pick one of these little guys up!

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I am just a giant fan of Jager!!!

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